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2 Ingredient Cake

2 Ingredient Cake


  • 2-Ingredient Soda Pop Cake
    • Not only will using soda pop make your cake more moist, your shopping list will be shorter and the clean up will be faster!
    • Rather than using eggs, oil and water, all you need is a bottle of soda (12 oz) and cake mix!
    • While the flavor of soda will mostly bake out of the dessert, for chocolate cake use dark sodas, like our Filé Root Beer or Noble Cane Cola, and for vanilla or other light flavor cake use light sodas, like our Praline Cream Soda.
    • Simply mix 1 bottle of Swamp Pop Soda with your preferred cake mix.
    • Bake as directed
    • Top with whipped cream or your favorite icing!
    • Enjoy!
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