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About Us

Swamp Pop is the creation of John Petersen and Collin Cormier, two cousins from Lafayette, Louisiana. Collin, the owner and chef of a popular food truck, recognized the popularity of real cane sugar sodas among his lunch-time customers. Knowing the long history of sugarcane farming in Louisiana, the cousins were inspired to create their own flavors, honoring the amazing culinary history of South Louisiana and featuring real cane sugar from their home state.

The name Swamp Pop emerged as a tribute to the Louisiana music genre of the same name – a mash-up of R&B, Country, and Cajun music that grew out of South Louisiana in the 1950′s. Of course, it would also be a fitting and fun description of these “pops” from the swampy region of Cajun Country.


Collin and John in 2013.

Collin and John quickly realized they were onto something and began experimenting with their flavor ideas at home. Soon confident in their bubbly creations, the cousins began bottling their Louisiana-inspired, naturally-flavored blends. Acquired by Our Life Foods in 2019, the creator of another Louisiana brand, A Cajun Life, Swamp Pop Premium Sugarcane Sodas are now available throughout the United States in six signature flavors.