11″x14″ Filé Root Beer Art Poster

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All proceeds benefit Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana!

Part of a six poster series celebrating Louisiana Wildlife! One design will be released each week—stay tuned and collect all six!

*Frame not included.

This is the first release of our Poster Series to benefit coastal restoration, in partnership with New Orleans-based artist Nora Patterson! Launching on March 14, we’ll release one new poster print every week for six weeks—one for each of our six flavors!

Proceeds will benefit Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana! Check out their amazing work here.

The Design:

Featuring a Blue Crab and a Sassafras plant, this design makes the connection between Filé root beer and Filé gumbo. Seafood gumbo with Blue Crab is a traditional South Louisiana dish—and Nora’s favorite one at that!

Learn more about Nora Patterson.